As a passionate designer and software engineer, I thrive at the intersection of technology and creativity. My journey in design and fabrication is not just a career but a lifelong adventure in blending the virtual with the physical, crafting experiences that resonate and inspire.
My expertise spans a dynamic range of disciplines – from the intricacies of production design, encompassing virtual, mixed, and physical realms, to the art of brand activations, where I bring concepts to life through thoughtful design and meticulous fabrication. My passion for lighting design illuminates both events and architectural spaces, adding a layer of ambiance and storytelling.
In the realm of industrial, furniture, and interior design, my approach merges functionality with aesthetic elegance, creating spaces and pieces that are both innovative and inviting. My hands-on experience in fabrication, including set and scenic design, woodworking, and mechatronics, has honed my ability to transform ideas into tangible realities.
But that's not all – my skills extend to the digital world as well. With a flair for motion graphics, 3D design, and modeling, I bridge the gap between the physical and digital, crafting virtual productions that captivate and engage. As a creative director, I orchestrate these diverse elements, ensuring that every project tells a unique story and creates an unforgettable impact.
I believe that each project is an opportunity to explore new horizons and create something extraordinary. Whether it's breathing life into a brand activation, sculpting light to set the perfect mood, or designing a piece of furniture that speaks volumes, my goal is to blend form, function, and innovation in every endeavor.
Ready to embark on a creative journey? Let's discuss your next project! I'm excited to bring my unique blend of skills and passion to the table, crafting solutions that are not just visually stunning but also deeply resonant with your vision. Let's turn your ideas into an awe-inspiring reality.
Thank you!
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